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English Boards 7

New school, new English Board. This time I’m the only ALT so I’m having to do them all by myself. The postition of the board isn’t quite as good as my last school either. At the last school it was huge, right by the entrance and next to the club notice board so every student who needed to check if they had club activities (almost everyone) couldn’t avoid seeing it. This time it’s opposite the staffroom but a little bit away from the entrance the kids use. However it does mean the staff can’t avoid seeing it so I’ve been getting lots of comments from them so far!

Welcome English Board – my first English Board at my new school

I’ve got it split into sections:

– ┬áLight blue is the banner. I’m using the school’s nickname rather than its actual name here, it means ‘bamboo wind’ apparently since there is lots of bamboo near the school and it’s on the top of a mountain so I guess it’s pretty windy! Actually making this board has been really difficult due to the fact that I’ve had to lay out lots of little bits of paper but they kept being blown away by the fans and wind coming through the open windows (35C and no air-con!) . Eventually I just blu-tacked everything in place until I had it all sorted and then glued it down. Some of the other teachers joined me today near the windows (there are some big desks there) as they were marking tests but unfortunately all their papers went flying!

– Dark blue is my self-introduction. I didn’t want to put too much information there since I’m having to do 50minutes worth of self-intro in each class but my lovely sister suggested I compare Sendai and my home island (I can’t say ‘hometown’) of Shetland. I think it turned out pretty well. I was also a little free with the truth when it came to my hobbies because I didn’t have too many pictures of me doing things.

-Yellow is my ‘Did you know?’ section. I’m planning to put a different fact every month. This month it was about which countries have English as an official language.

– Orange is my Genki section. Genki is a magazine made by some of the other assistants here in Sendai so since I had some extra space I thought it would be a good place to show it.