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English Boards 9

My November English Board: Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night themed. I’m a bit late with uploading these pictures considering I’ll soon be changing it for a Christmas board but better late than never!

Guy Fawkes English Board

Closer on left side

Closer on right side

I might have gone a little bit crazy with glitter glue….maybe…





English Boards 8

Latest English Board for Halloween

Bad quality picture but I forgot my camera so I only had my phone at school. I’ve seen lots of students looking at this board so I am really happy with it!

English Boards 6

Olympics / Sports English Board.

It’s only been up for a few hours and already it’s our most commented on English Board yet!

The pictures are of every sport in the Olympics. They are captioned in English and Japanese. The students (and teachers!) found some of the sports included surprising (BMX!) and were amazed that baseball was missing.

English Boards 5

Spring English Board!

Any excuse to put up baby animal pictures.

English Boards 4

Valentine’s Day / White Day English Board!

Love English Notice Board


My original plan was to buy lots of heart shaped post-it notes from the 100yen store and have lots of students write ‘I love …’ or ‘I like…’ sentences. However, I forgot about this plan until today (the day before Valentine’s!) so this board is a result of getting into work this morning and thinking ‘Oh no! I should make a board before tomorrow!’.

Also you can see I have made reference to White Day was well (stretching the board out to last until mid March! Laziness!).

English Boards 3

Latest English Board to show you made by Nathan, the other assistant at my school. I feature on it as a ‘famous person born in the year of the dragon’.

Happy New Year!

English Boards 2

It’s time for Christmas Boards! Or to be exact Christmas Board because I can’t seem to find a picture of last year’s one. I fear it must have been lost in the Great Dying Laptop Data Transfer of April 2011. Anyway here’s the one we did this year:

Isn't it festive? It's showing off Christmas and to keep it English-y the grammar point 'to want X for Christmas'. The presents have some teachers' answers on what they want for Christmas.

Close up on the actual English section. I do not in fact want a baby cat for Christmas (nor a baby as one of the English Teachers misread!), it is an example of 'creative writing' by Nathan, the other ALT at my school.

Do I have the honor of creating the tallest and thinest representation of a Christmas tree? Oh and yes, that Merry Christmas was a real pain to cut out!!