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English Boards 12

My most recent Graduation English Board with the same characters from previous years. This involves every non-graduating student writing one word that describes the graduating students on a balloon. I set a few rules (i.e. it can’t be a mean word). I think it turned out really well. The picture quality is not great mainly to protect the students privacy (the kids all signed their balloons).



English Boards 11

Here is a super simple New Year Board. I’m all about reusing the butterflies!


English Boards 10

Here are some minimal English boards for Entrance Ceremony and Graduation Ceremony. As you can tell I reused the basic idea and characters but I changed the  uniform to match the school ( these are two different schools).entrance-ceremony-boardgraduation-ceremony-board

English Boards 9

My November English Board: Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night themed. I’m a bit late with uploading these pictures considering I’ll soon be changing it for a Christmas board but better late than never!

Guy Fawkes English Board

Closer on left side

Closer on right side

I might have gone a little bit crazy with glitter glue….maybe…