Latest Sendai/Japan Update

Update – 24th August

Still in Japan and still living in Sendai. I’ve re-contracted to work another year here. The ground is still a bit shaky from time to time but nothing I can’t handle. I’m really enjoying working with my students and volunteering with children who are living in temporary housing and have lost parents and/or grandparents. As I said, before my goal is to make the kids here smile and hopefully I’m doing that.

Update – 30th April

I am now back in Sendai and back at work. We are still getting small aftershocks but nothing big hopefully. There is now no danger of radiation from the air. The Japanese government are enforcing very strong checks on food and drinks so that is also safe. After talking with my Mum and Dad, I’ve decided I’m going to give everything a reasonable amount of time to settle down (i.e. months rather than weeks) before considering going back to the UK. Before the quake my job was to provide a native English speaking example to my students, now my role is simply to make them smile. If I can brighten my students’ days with stupid jokes and English games then I feel like I am doing something useful here.

Update – 6th April

I was evacuated from Sendai by the British Embassy one week after the quake due to the lack of food/water etc. in the area. I am currently in Sydney, Australia spending time with family and i’m planning to go back to Sendai on the 17th of April. The situation is still worrying but life in Sendai is getting back to normal very quickly.

Update – 16th March

I am safe in Sendai city after the quake. Now (5 days after the quake) my apartment just got water back so I have all the utilities except gas which may take up to a month. I live in central Sendai so I was far away from the coast and didn’t see the Tsunami. I’ve been grouping together with other ALTs for cooking and comfort. I’ll start to post my pictures of the quake. They won’t be horrendous pictures of distruction because I was lucky enough to be in a place that had very little damage.


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