English Boards 2

It’s time for Christmas Boards! Or to be exact Christmas Board because I can’t seem to find a picture of last year’s one. I fear it must have been lost in the Great Dying Laptop Data Transfer of April 2011. Anyway here’s the one we did this year:

Isn't it festive? It's showing off Christmas and to keep it English-y the grammar point 'to want X for Christmas'. The presents have some teachers' answers on what they want for Christmas.

Close up on the actual English section. I do not in fact want a baby cat for Christmas (nor a baby as one of the English Teachers misread!), it is an example of 'creative writing' by Nathan, the other ALT at my school.

Do I have the honor of creating the tallest and thinest representation of a Christmas tree? Oh and yes, that Merry Christmas was a real pain to cut out!!


One response to “English Boards 2

  1. Janice MacFarlane

    Very artistic. The ‘Merry Christmas’ was worth the work. xx

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